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A Journey Home 
Music from the Basque Country Arranged for Ballet Barre and Center

All of Gallastegui's recordings for ballet class feature: 


Josu Gallastegui is widely viewed as one of the country's leading ballet pianists, known for the excitement, imagination, and impeccable musical judgment he brings to class. Born in Bilbao, in the Basque Region of Spain, Gallastegui has won the acclaim of teachers and performers throughout the dance world.  >> Read more
One of the ballet world’s most accomplished and beloved pianists, Josu Gallastegui was born in Spain’s Basque Country and grew up surrounded by its rich musical traditions. In A Journey Home, he brings this subtle, evocative music to life for dancers, teachers, and students everywhere. His father, Hipólito, taught him many of the popular Basque songs included in this collection. Josu has dedicated this new collection to parents, Hipólito and Juanita Gallastegui.

A Journey Home features 32 selections on two CDs, including choices of music for plié, tendu, adagio, turns, and small, medium, and large jumps. The final selection is the exuberant and joyful ¡Viva Navarra!—more than 5 minutes of music superbly played in Josu’s own unforgettable style. The ballet class is based on the teaching of Professor Marta Ruiz Estrampes. 

A Journey Home is available for purchase for $28.00 including shipping and handling. Please find a complete list of musical recordings on this album (Adobe PDF version) by clicking here. To purchase MP3s or the complete album, click below:

Josu Gallastegui: A Journey Home: Music from the Basque Country Arranged for Ballet Barre and Center