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Dancers looking for music that will inspire and re-energize them will find it in ample supply in Curtain Call: An Album of Classical Music for Ballet Barre and CenterGallastegui seventh and newest class recording, Curtain Call has 21 selections, all played in the inimitable Gallastegui style. With classical music culled from opera and the concert
hall, Curtain Call is a refreshing change of pace from the ballet standards so often used for class.  An elegant Quartet from Bellini supplies music for stretch. 

A captivating passage from Verdi’s I Vespri Siciliani is accompaniment for frappé. An infectious excerpt from Smetana is one of three selections for tendu. Mendelssohn’s graceful Rondo Capriccioso and music from the second movement of Tchaikovsky’s Concerto No. 1 are choices for adagio. 

For a complete list of musical recordings on Curtain Call (Adobe PDF version), please click here. To purchase MP3s or the complete album, click below:

Curtain Call

All of Gallastegui's recordings for ballet class feature: 


Josu Gallastegui is widely viewed as one of the country's leading ballet pianists, known for the excitement, imagination, and impeccable musical judgment he brings to class. Born in Bilbao, in the Basque Region of Spain, Gallastegui has won the acclaim of teachers and performers throughout the dance world.  >> Read more

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Josu Gallastegui: Curtain Call