"Deeply creative, wonderfully musical, and completely enjoyable to dance to..." - Susan Jaffe
Josu Gallastegui is not just another accompanist.  He is a pianist with enough technique to handle whatever he tackles.  When he draws upon his repertoire of musical literature and adds his propelling rhythmical interpretation, the result is aurally exciting and a precise collaboration with the given exercise.

Because he is a Basque Spaniard, one expects to hear the rhythms of the bolero, habanera, or tango in his choices.  Played with his brilliant, focused, percussive sound, and strongly placed structures to underpin an exercise, Gallastegui makes these rhythms a physical challenge to match in crystal-clear syncopation.

As accompanist for Nureyev, Baryshnikov, Makarova, and many famous teachers, he knows class procedure and needs no one on this, his first recording, Piano Music for Ballet Class, to tell him which rhythms are required. 
"His choice of repertoire and sensitivity to musical phrasing have made him my favorite ballet accompanist." - Gelsey Kirkland
June, 1989, p81. Reprinted with permission.
"A superb musician with a remarkable sensitivity to ballet." - Mikhail Baryshnikov