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Recollections: In Spring 2011, Josu released Recollections: 31 Piano Pieces for Ballet Barre and Center, a two-CD set—his ninth recording of ballet class music.  An elegant, romantic collection featuring more than 90 minutes of music arranged for ballet barre and center, Recollections includes selections by Verdi, Strauss, Gounod, Donizetti, Rameau, and Telemann among others.  Click here for more information on Recollections.


Josu Gallastegui is widely viewed as one of the country's leading ballet pianists, known for the excitement, imagination, and impeccable musical judgment he brings to class. Born in Bilbao, in the Basque Region of Spain, Gallastegui has won the acclaim of teachers and performers throughout the dance world.  >> Read more

In Venezuelan Waltzes and Joropos, Gallastegui brings together waltzes he originally recorded in Venezuela in the 1970s with new selections recorded in 2005. 

The collection, including a waltz composed by the pianist, represents some of the most enjoyable music of this genre, played with Gallastegui’s impeccable style and polish. Click here for more information and to listen.
Venezuelan Waltzes and Joropos
Musica Para Clases de Espanol
If you walked down the halls of Madrid's Real Conservatorio de Danza, this is the music you might hear. Musica para clases de Español, Josu Gallastegui's newest CD, is arranged for teaching the four styles of Spanish classical dance--folkloric, flamenco, la escuela bolero, and la danza estilizada. With 24 selections, it includes piano accompaniment for fandango, goyescas, seguidillas, sevillanas, zapateado and other classical Spanish steps.* If you don't teach or take Spanish dance, you  still
Available in the U.S. only from Sugal Records
might find something utterly sumptuous for recitals or variations--or you can just sit back and listen!  Call 212-265-8501 or e-mail at info@josuonline.com if you'd like to purchase this album.