"Deeply creative, wonderfully musical, and completely enjoyable to dance to..." - Susan Jaffe
"His choice of repertoire and sensitivity to musical phrasing have made him my favorite ballet accompanist." - Gelsey Kirkland
"Intelligent, rich and varied accompaniment ... a brilliant concert-level capacity, full of phrasing and dynamics." (Full review text). - Marian Horosko
"I feel lucky to be in class when Josu plays. He is a top-flight pianist who can be funny, touching, or brilliant."
- Allegra Kent
"A very sensitive pianist and an extraordinary accompanist . . . "
- Composer Aram Khachaturian
"His style is lyrical and lush with impassioned dynamics!"  - Madeleine Dale, Attitude Magazine
"One of the finest accompanists of our day ... an inspiration for  teacher and student." - Robert Blankshine (1945-1987), Joffrey Ballet and Berlin Opera

"Having Josu Gallastegui play for class is a unique and joyful experience."
- Woytek Lowski (1940-1995), London Festival Ballet

"A ballet pianist of exceptional skill and creativity." - George Lee, Formerly New York City Ballet

"I think Gallastegui is the best around." - Cynthia Gregory
"Exciting.  Professional.  A real artist." - Wilhelm Burmann, STEPS Studios
"Great precision, sensitivity, and transparent quality.." - Newe Zurcher Zeitung, Zurich
"Measure for Measure is outstanding for choice of music, interpretation, and recording quality."
- Frano Jelincic, Artist-in-Residence, Radford University
"Josu Gallastegui is not just another accompanist. His music is aurally exciting, a precise collaboration with the given exercise." (Full review text). - Marian Horosko

"A first-rate classical pianist whose emotion transcends beautifully for ballet." - Nanette Glushak, Ballet Capitole de Toulouse

"Goldfingers!" - David Parsons
"Josu Gallastegui's sensitivity to the needs of dancers is unique." - Ross Stretton (1952-2005)
"What a difference!  Definitely in the top league of ballet accompanists." - Robert Denvers, Royal Ballet of Flanders
"A unique pianist.  I love his music." - David Howard
"Music to ballet teacher's ears... an accomplished accompanist, arranger and composer" - Dance Teacher
"Gallastegui possesses an excellent technique -- clear, secure, and flexible." - La Gaceta del Norte, Bilbao
"A legend in the ballet world as one of the finest accompanists." - Cynthia Harvey